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The vast majority of people these days use computers. They have become a necessity in today's society - you can use them to keep track of your work, pay bills and even talk to friends. You're going to need pieces of software to do all of these things and not all of them are good to use. You need to read our website to find out which you should install.

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We won't be providing any downloads on our website, just reviews. If you want to find the real download links, you'll need to go to a site like this.

Pidgin IM Client

This is an open source instant messaging client built for multiple different operating systems, including Windows. If you usually use different chat protocols such as Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and Facebook Chat, you'll probably want to consolidate them all into one application so that you don't have to worry about multiple pieces of software clogging up your system. Sometimes you just might not like the default apps and want to use something else, which is where Pidgin comes in. It provides support for many of these, including IRC if you want to participate in a lot of chatrooms on the internet. You can add all of your accounts into it and it will provide a unified contact list for you where you can talk to all of them in one simple tool. This is a really great application.

Microsoft Office

There are many office suites around at the moment but the one that most people will have heard of and will use is Microsoft Office. It is obviously a paid application and it isn't cheap either, but it does give you a lot of different tools built into it. If you wanted to create a report with images in it, you would use Microsoft Word for this task whereas if you needed a spreadsheet to manage your figures and create charts based on financial data, you'd use Excel for this. You can even create nice looking presentations to give to people using the PowerPoint tool that a lot of people will have seen. There are a huge amount of features in these, but does it really justify the cost? There are many free alternatives available that you could look into such as Apache OpenOffice which is also open source unlike Microsoft Office.

Google Chrome

Another software industry where there are a lot of alternatives is in the internet browsing industry. If you've installed the Windows operating system before you'll have found that by default, Microsoft bundle in their Internet Explorer application in for you to use. This really isn't the best one available and doesn't usually render webpages properly and is remarkably slow, too. This is why large companies such as Google are creating their own to do a better job. Chrome is something that is growing at a huge pace, increasing in market share every month for the past year or two and is showing no signs of slowing down. This is a great one to use mainly because of how speedy it is. It can process javascript and many other web elements such as images and video much quicker than competitors can. It also has helpful features such as the ability to sync your web history and passwords so that you can access all of your favorite websites no matter where you go just by logging into your Google account.


These are just a few of the many applications that we want to review on our website. If you check back later, you should find more information on other great tools that you should install. We want you to get the best experience you can from your computer and from the internet so we've done the research for you, you just need to read what we've said and then find the relevant download links for you.


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